Sunday, October 20, 2013

Model Leopard Cubs

Rarely do animals cooperate when it comes to having their photos taken. Anyone whose been on safari will have their fair share of backside images which apart from the odd zebra behind will end up in the trash.

Occasionally however you get a sighting where the subject/s could not be more cooperative and at times even appear stage managed. One such sighting occurred on my last safari close to the Mara River in the northern Serengeti...

After spending an hour with two leopard cubs on a morning drive, we returned to the same spot late in the afternoon in the hope of capturing the 3 month old siblings playing in the soft afternoon light.

For the next 2 hours we were lucky enough to capture some of the most extraordinary images and video of the model cubs as they posed together and alone in amongst their rocky home while their mother entertained a friend on the other side of the valley - blog post to follow shortly!


Gaye said...

Hey. How come we didn't see them. I guess we will have to come back. Still enjoy the memories of our trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dom.
I saw your prints in the Cultural Center in Arusha in November.

Amazing, wish I could have bought them all home.